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JK Innovation Wood
Model: Technology

JK Wood uses only lumber from selected wood species. Hevea Gold is a tropical hardwood grown in a sustainable plantation. Green lumber is sawn at our own mill to applicable sizes and processed in an oxygen free drying kiln to temperatures of between 180 to 220 degree centigrade depending on its end usage. During its cooling and conditioning phases, steam and water is introduced to attain the moisture content to a working level of between 5 to 7%. No chemicals are used. The complete modification process takes up to about 40 hours and is periodically monitored by our technicians through an all computerized system pioneered by one of Finland’s leading kiln dry technology provider. The thermally modified timber is JK-Thermowood® which is produced in the D and T Grades for outdoor and indoor applications respectively. Produced under stringent quality control, JK-Thermowood® is dimensionally stable with superior endurability properties. It is also resistant to wood insect like borers and termites. It uses no chemical in its treatment and is toxic free. Above all being organic, it is biodegradable posing no environmental hazard in its disposal. With such superior qualities and versatile applications, JK-Thermowood is being used for the manufacturing of:

Indoor Applications

. Furniture

. Floor Panels

. Toys

. Cribs

. Ornamental Boxes

. Others

Outdoor Applications

. Furniture/Benches/Deck Chairs

. Decking/Deck Strip/Deck Tiles

. Fences and Railings

. Flower Boxes

. Trash Cans

. Others

Phase 1

High temperature drying using heat & steam. Kiln temperature is rapidly raised to approximately 100 °C, then gradually to 130 °C, during which time the moisture content of the wood decreases to nearly zero.

Phase 2

Heat treatment. Kiln temperature increased to between 180 °C and 220 °C, then held constant for 2–3 hours depending on the desired end-use.

Phase 3

Cooling and moisture conditioning. Water spray is used to lower the temperature to 80–90 °C, where re-moisturizing takes place, achieving a usable level of 4–7%.

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