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Wood product used in every day’s application must be dried to reduce its moisture content. Natural wood normally contains about 60-70% of moisture depending on its species and pre-dry condition. Wood is a living organic material and undried wood has a very high Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) This made the wood very unstable and they are prone to warping, cupping, twisting and bending. Most conventional kiln dried wood, after its been made into furniture or flooring panels, etc. still show signs of expansion or shrinkage. Due to its dampness with undesired moisture content, it easily attracts the growth of fungus and mold resulting in rots and break-way (decay) pieces. Wood insects like borers and termites too are attracted upon finding these woods still contain nutrients for its survival. Hence the proper drying of wood is very important to its performance. However, with JK-Thermowood®, the above-mentioned defects are kept at bay or simply do not exist. Due to the high temperature treatment, Lignin which holds and bind the wood organic tissues together are destroyed making it dimensionally stable with virtually no or limited radial and tangential movement. Another factor contributing to its stability is that the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) is very low thus, expansion and shrinkage are kept to its minimum. It is therefore very suitable to use in harsh weather and climatic condition.

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